Learning Resources

  • Homework 
    Work assigned in class is important for learning and to determine student progress.  Students are expected to complete all major assignments to standard, even if they turn in the work late or need to re-do the work. Late work will be accepted, though the grade may be reduced. Work turned in on time and demonstrating full effort may be redone for up to full credit.  In order to re-do part or all of a major assignment, the student must:
    • Talk with the teacher to understand what needs to be done.
    • Demonstrate effort to improve or re-learn the material (determined by the teacher).
    • Complete the revised work within two weeks of receiving the original graded work. Mark the work late, absent, or redone and put it in the special work bin.
    Students and parents can check grades at any time online through Family Access. If you need instructions for Family Access, please contact the main school office.
    • Teachers will update grades at least every two weeks.
    • Progress reports will be available every quarter (nine weeks) through Family Access.  If you do not have access to view the progress report online, please contact the school office for a printed copy.
    • Report cards (official grades) are issued at the end of each semester and are available through Family Access. If you do not have online access, contact the main school office for a printed copy.
    • See grading scales listed in each grade's syllabi 
    Extra Help/Staying After School
    We expect all students to meet learning targets and earn passing grades in their classes.  For students who need more time or individualized instruction to be successful, opportunities for extra help are available. Students are encouraged to seek extra help on their own as soon as they recognize that they are struggling. Teachers may also assign students to come in for extra help when they see a student falling behind or struggling. Teachers are available before and after school to provide extra help for students and will provide a schedule of when they are available in their classroom.  Special arrangements can also be made by contacting the teacher directly.