Financial Reports

  • Sound fiscal management to support education
    At Oak Harbor Public Schools, we make sure our resources are used responsibly to support our overall mission of student success.  We want the public to know where their dollars are going.  We provide our school board and the public with monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements and reports which contain the most current information at the time of preparation as required by law (WAC 392-123-110 and Board Policy No. 6030: Financial Reports). The purpose of these financial reports is to provide the board of directors with financial information necessary for the proper financial management of the district.
    Community Investment Reaps Rewards 
    In February 2013, North Whidbey voters approved a replacement levy to bring $7.35 million a year in local tax dollars to Oak Harbor Public Schools. The levy funding has allowed significant improvements to local school programs including expanded teaching and instructional assistant positions, updated curriculum, textbook and technology, added student tutoring and counseling services, restoration of middle school sports programs and much more. The restoration of student programs will continue in the 2016 school year including:

    • Middle and high school intervention programs for struggling learners
    • Expanded librarian staff and services at elementary and middle schools
    • Increased staff to support students with special needs
    • School upgrades to make buildings safer, healthier and more efficient
    • New elementary and middle school activities and athletics to promote student engagement and health
    • Training for educators on best teaching practices