Glossary of Advanced Learning Terms

  • Acceleration

    A strategy of progressing through education at rates faster or ages younger than the norm. This can occur through grade skipping or subject acceleration (e.g., a fifth-grade student taking sixth-grade math).

    Advanced Placement (AP)

    This program is developed by the College Board where high schools offer courses that meet criteria established by institutions of higher education. Coursework is rigorous and challenging. For more information, visit the  AP Central Website and the OSPI Advanced Placement Website. Find AP courses at Oak Harbor High.
    Career-Tech Education (CTE)
    Career-Tech Education courses offer industry-level training and experience through job shadowing and mentorships. Find CTE courses at Oak Harbor High. 
    College in the High School
    College in the High School courses at Oak Harbor High allow students to earn college credit from local colleges while taking courses at their own high school.
    Cluster Grouping
    A grouping assignment for gifted students in the regular heterogeneous classroom. Typically, five or six highly capable students with similar needs, abilities, or interests are “clustered” in the same classroom, which allows the teacher to more effectively differentiate assignments for a group of advanced learners.
    Curriculum Compacting
    An instructional technique that allows teachers to adjust curriculum for students by determining which students already have mastered most or all of the learning outcomes and providing replacement instruction or activities that enable a more challenging and productive use of the student’s time.
    Modifying curriculum and instruction according to content, pacing, and/or product to meet unique student needs in the classroom.
    Activities that add or go beyond the existing curriculum.
    Independent Study
    A self-directed learning strategy where the teacher acts as guide or facilitator and the student plays a more active role in designing and managing his or her own learning, often on a topic of special interest to the student.
    Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
    A curriculum and instruction model that asks students to solve real-world, complex, or open-ended problems by using research, decision-making, creative and critical thinking, and other 21st-century skills.
    Running Start
    The Running Start Program is a partnership between Skagit Valley College and Oak Harbor High School. The program allows high school juniors and seniors to attend community college classes and earn college credits that may also be used toward high school graduation requirements. Learn more about Oak Harbor High's  Running Start.