Individual Overview

    Positive Action With Support (PAWS) Program
    We have a goal to create an inclusive and welcoming environment which values, recognizes and affirms the worth of each individual in our learning community.  To help us reach our goal, we use a very effective program for students who need additional support. 

    We call this program Positive Action With Support (PAWS) but you will also hear it called the “Check In/Check Out (CICO)” Program. Students involved in this program will check in with Mr. Riffel in the morning.  

    At “Check In” they receive a point card allowing them to receive points for doing well in behavior areas they are struggling with, i.e. – Staying on Task.  The student and Mr. Riffel will talk together, setting a goal of how many points the student will get that day.  As they go through the day, they must periodically check in with their teacher to receive points.  

    At the end of the day they “Check Out” with Mr. Riffel so they can total the points received and discuss how the day went. Students will bring home a report each day to let the parent know if they met their goal.  

    The goal is for the student to earn enough points to make his day and earn a sticker on his/her reinforcement chart. They collect stickers and then spend them in various ways, such as having lunch with a teacher or computer time. We encourage parents to go over the form every day and set up some kind of reinforcement for good work at home as well.