Student Volunteer Opportunities

  • As part of the High School & Beyond program, Oak Harbor High students are required to volunteer five hours of community service each year. To earn credit for volunteer hours worked, a student must turn in a completed and signed Community Service form to his/her Advisor.

    Student Volunteer Opportunities are available with the following:

    Admiralty Head Lighthouse
    Fort Casey, Coupeville WA
    Contact: Sharon Sharpe 360.678.1186
    Date/Time: ongoing
    Do you have a love of lighthouses?  Would you like to share information about this wonderful lighthouse with the public?  Would you like to help in the preservation of this historical building?

    913 East Whidbey Ave
    Oak Harbor, WA. 98277
    Contact: Grayson Akins, 360.279.0644
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    High school students, you can be a mentor! One-to-one mentoring with an elementary school student. See our flyer for details.

    City of Oak Harbor
    865 SE Barrington Drive
    Oak Harbor, WA  98277
    Contact: Kindle Sullivan, 360.914.7994
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    Stencil storm drains around the city, help at Farmer's Markets.
    Compass Health - WISe Program
    32650 WA-20, Suite E108 (next to Starbucks)
    Oak Harbor, WA  98277
    Contact: Laurie Alvarez, 360.682.4122
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    Work one on one with a variety of special needs students aged 11 to 16.  Personal support opportunity to mentor, guide, and tutor.  Looking for compassionate students wishing to develop a caring relationship with students in need.  Examples of activities: take an autistic child to the park, play basketball with a student with a learning disability, teach a gifted student how to play guitar, do arts and crafts for fun.
    171 SW Sixth Ave.
    Oak Harbor, WA 98277
    Contact: Karen 360.279.2555
    Date/Time: ongoing/9am-5pm daily
    Socialize with residents (play games, talk, read to, etc.) and/or assist Activities Director with various group activities.
    Imagine Food Forest Garden
    Garden across from the baseball field on Bayshore
    Contact: Christine Pace 360.720.6053, Text or Call
    Date/Time: Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    Work in garden watering, weeding, trimming, composting, hauling with a wheelbarrow.

    Mimi Forbes
    2659 Airline Way, Oak Harbor
    Contact Mimi Forbes, 360.279.9586
    Date/Time: ongoing
    Ms. Forbes suffered a heart attack and needs help with some projects in her home.  Move items from from garage to a barn on her property; organize kitchen items into plastic bins. 
    Olympic View Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization 
    OVE Library/Gym
    Contact: Sue Guinn at, 360.632.7488
    Date/Time: Second Tuesday of each month from 3:30 - 5 p.m.
    Child care needed for PTO members who bring their children to the meeting.

    Pacific Rim Institute
    180 Parker Rd.
    Coupeville, WA. 98239
    Contact: Robert 360.678.5586
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    Collecting, cleaning, and/or planting native seeds and plants.
    Summer Hill Assisted Living
    Date/Time: various
    Creative arts projects, sing-a-long, board gaming, special events 

    Toddler Learning Center
    950 SE Regatta Dr #101
    Oak Harbor, WA
    Contact: Jaemee Witmer, 360.679.1039
    Date/Time: various
    Put together registration packets with Lead Family Resources Coordinator
    VP1 Family Readiness Group
    Victory Terrace Community Center
    Contact: FRG President, Janice Case at
    Date/Time: various 
    Opportunities to provide child care during group events.

    WAIF Animal Shelter
    Ellery Cramer Family Animal Shelter
    60 Rhododendron Park Road
    Coupeville, WA
    360.678.8900 ext. 1100
    Contact: Tisa Seely, 360.678.8911
    Students must be at least 16 years old to work with animals.  Fill out and submit a volunteer application.
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    Students must first attend a new volunteer shelter orientation at the main facility in Coupeville, and compete a one-on-one training with an animal care technician before becoming certified.  Then students may work with animals.  Dogs are at Ellery Cramer Family Animal Shelter in Coupeville.  Cats are at the Cat Adoption Center in Oak Harbor.

    WAIF Thrift Store and Cat Adoption Center
    465 NE Midway Blvd
    Oak Harbor, WA
    360.678.8900 ext. 1400
    Contact: Tisa Seely, 360.678.8911
    Fill out and submit a volunteer application.
    Date/Time: Ongoing
    Volunteers will assist in receiving donations from public, pricing donations, floor merchandising, and stocking the pet food bank.
    Whidbey Health Medical Center
    101 N Main Street
    Coupeville, WA  98239
    Contact: Heather Zustiak, 360.678.7656 ext. 3246
    Date/Time: ongoing, Juniors and Seniors only
    Visit the website and fill out a volunteer application.
    Front desk reception, gift shop, clerical, and some of the clinics.
    Wind and Tide Books
    790 SE Pioneer Way
    Oak Harbor, WA  98277
    Contact: Karen Mueller, 360.675.1342
    Date/Time: ongoing/various during store hours
    Opportunities to administer all social media, update postings, add photos, expand reach and be creative. 
    In need of Student Volunteers? 
    Community partners seeking to obtain high school volunteers may contact Nancy Diamond, Oak Harbor High School web editor.