• As a Professional Educator Standards Board-approved provider of clock hours, Oak Harbor Public Schools uses a two-part process for proposing and distributing clock hours for professional development opportunities.

Submit an Evaluation

    In order for participants to receive a clock hour form which documents their completion of a training opportunity, they must complete an evaluation of the training. Clock hour evaluations are now being completed entirely online and can be completed using any computer or internet-enabled mobile device.
    To complete an evaluation, click the link above.
    Upon completing the evaluation, participants will receive an on-screen message that verifies their submission and directs them to show their confirmation message to the instructor to receive a clock hour form.
    As an instructor, the clock hour forms should only be given out once a participant shows their confirmation message at the conclusion of the evaluation form. Please return the sign-in sheet, along with any extra clock hour forms to the Teaching and Learning Department at the conclusion of the training.

Submit a Proposal

    To offer clock hours for a professional development opportunity, the presenter or organizing party should submit a Clock Hour Proposal using the link above.
    **Please note that this proposal form is labeled 19/20.  It is what we are currently using as we transition to a new system that will be available soon.  Stay tuned!
    Proposals should be submitted two weeks prior to the professional development offering to allow for processing. Applicants will receive notice of their approval from the Teaching and Learning Department when processing is completed for their submission.
    If any payroll authorization is being requested for the training, approval from the department hosting the training should be obtained prior to submitting a clock hour proposal.
    Once approved, the presenter or organizing party will receive a folder via district mail that contains a sign-in sheet for the training, as well as the clock hour forms to be handed out to those participants who complete an evaluation at the conclusion of training.