Scholarship Opportunities

  • Obtaining a scholarship can help ease the burden of a college education.  There are many different scholarships available with varying requirements, deadlines and financial assistance.  Some scholarships are available to students across the state or even nationwide, others are only available to local students.  Please see the information below for more details.
    State and National Scholarships
    State and National Scholarships can be very competitive as students in the entire state or country are competing for available funds.  However, there are thousands of them available with varying criteria (including lots of opportunities for all grade levels) and many of them offer large financial awards.  Students are encouraged to apply to the ones that best match their profile.  They can search for scholarships by utilizing free state and national search programs that help match them with scholarships that fit their profile.  Some suggested scholarship search programs are listed below.
    National Merit Scholarships
    Local Scholarships  
    Local scholarships are not as competitive as national scholarships as students are only competing against other Oak Harbor High School or Skagit/Island County students.  (Some local scholarship programs also offer awards at the state and national levels.)  Each year, we prepare a listing of scholarships which can be found at the link below.  Check this site frequently for updated information.

    Some local scholarships will instruct you to use the General Scholarship Application.  The General Scholarship Application is to be used only for scholarships that do not have their own application.  Use Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers to access and fill out the General Scholarship Application form. General Scholarship Application