Re-Do Policy

  • Ms. Bos Re-Do Policy

    Students may get an assignment returned to them with "re-do" written on it.  This usually indicates that proper work is not shown or the work that was done was not done correctly.  Students should re-do the indicated problems on the page or check with me for what needs to be redone in order to earn credit for the assignment.  "Inc" (incomplete) assignments may be completed and turned in for credit.

    In order to retake a quiz, students need to ensure that they have done the related assignments and done quiz corrections.  They may get help from me or a classmate or from any capable tutor.  Students should then bring their corrections (and the corresponding assignment, if not yet given credit for it) to me during a tutoring session (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after school) to review with them.  I will then determine if the students need more practice/help and/or give them the retake.

    In order to retake a test, students will have to come in and do corrections on the original test.  I will review the corrections before giving a retake.  If review assignments have not yet been done or turned in, that will be required to qualify for a test retake.  Depending upon the situation, students may be required to complete other undone assignments from the chapter. 


    OHHS Re-Do Policy

    OHHS is an effort-based school where we believe all students can learn.  We also know that students learn at different rates.  Thus, we are implementing a re-do policy that recognizes the needs of individual learners.

    100% possible on re-do of any:

          Assessments (with exception of the Final semester exam)
          Key Assignments: Evidence that demonstrates mastery of a standard

    You may:

          be required to complete supporting assignments prior to re-do opportunity, to show you can meet the standard.
          be required to complete re-do of work outside of class time.
          be limited the number of re-do opportunities for each assignment.
          be assigned zero grades when you choose not to do key assignments and/or assessments to standard.
          have different requirements for late work.

    All opportunities for redo work will come with a deadline as assigned by the teacher.