Third Grade Project

  • Our third graders have been learning about working collaboratively on a small business that they can run in the classroom that offers either a good or services or possibly both. The businesses are planned and designed by individuals, pairs, and small groups of students; allowing for an understanding of the responsibility for sole-proprietorship and small community business.   After they have established a business product, pricing, and a business name, they use fake money to shop at each other’s stores.

    The concept behind the projects works with our School of Choice goal for third graders to have community members come in and visit while they show off their understanding of scarcity and economy from our social studies curriculum unit. This also supports our ideas of moving into the Meeting Needs and Wants CBA, so that we can use what we learned from this activity to draw comparisons between groups from an economic standpoint. Students ultimately are able to work together in the classroom community as well as looking at the community they live in as a whole.

    The goal of the project is to create or turn a profit for the business to give back to the community. They have to assess their clientele and come up with a product that can be marketed and sold in class to a receptive audience (i.e. classmates/parents/community members). They create their business name, slogan, and figure out pricing so that they can make a profit. They have to also decide on a charitable act to give back to the community.

    Students will know that their business is successful when they have earned enough money after paying their bills for startup fees, supplies, employees, and possibly other expenses.  Through brainstorming, planning, and product design students build a business they feel proud of and get to participate in an open market environment. They will conclude the activity with a written reflection and debriefing with the class to discuss how things have gone. The big takeaway for students in this activity is to create a successful business that allows them the freedom to have chosen their products, how to market them, and finally getting to visit other businesses in the class to shop. 

    Third-grade students are also encouraged to participate in the "Sno-Isle Reading Challenge" in order to develop a love of reading. During this challenge, multiple schools in Island County and the surrounding area read several books and then work as a team to answer questions about each book. In 2014, Oak Harbor Elementary won both Sectional and Regional Challenges with a perfect score and each team member received a medal and a brand new Kindle as their prize.