• Lance Reading to a class

Young Authors

  • Oak Harbor Elementary's First grade classes have chosen the topic "Young Authors" as their community project focus. They are trying to bring knowledge and fun into writing so students feel proud of their work and know that being an author can be a career choice as well.
    Our first grade classes had the opportunity to involve the community in this project by inviting Dr. Gibbon, Superintendent of the Oak Harbor School District, Mrs. Oehring, Interim Assistant Superintendent of the Oak Harbor School District, and Mrs. Day, Principal of Oak Harbor Elementary to share how they use writing in their job and read their favorite book to the students. By having another adult read to them it shows them that people other than teachers can love reading too.
    In addition to these readings, our students went to Whidbey Coffee and read to community members and they took a trip to the library. They will also be publishing their own books, reading to members of the creative writing group at the Oak Harbor Senior Center, and showcasing their work throughout the community and our school. Be on the lookout for more works from these new authors. 
  • Student reading at Whidbey Coffee