Student Safety Tipline

  • One more tool to keep schools safe

    Student Safety Tipline: 360.279.5050

    The safety of our students is our highest priority here in Oak Harbor Public Schools. As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy school environment, we are introducing a new Tipline that students and parents can use should they wish to report a concern or issue that could impact the safety of others at school.

    The Tipline is not intended to be an emergency line. In case of a life-threatening emergency, people should dial 911 or contact law enforcement immediately.  The Tipline is a reporting tool that can be used to alert school personnel or law enforcement of an illegal or unsafe condition at a school site.
    Unless required by law, calls to the Tipline are completely anonymous. Messages will be forwarded to a designated school administrator and investigated in a timely manner.  The Tipline may not be monitored by school administration after hours or over weekends, so please be mindful of the urgency of the submission.  
    The Tipline does not replace direct reporting of information to school personnel. Students and parents are still encouraged to speak with a trusted adult such as a teacher, police officer, or parent to discuss any safety issues in person. However, if someone is not comfortable doing this, they are encouraged to use the Tipline. Sometimes more information will be necessary for follow up and callers are encouraged to leave contact information. Callers are also encouraged to provide as much information as possible including dates, names, school of concern, and/or any motor vehicle information.

    This tool is intended to help keep our school campuses safe. Please be advised that false reporting of information, providing prejudicial or defamatory information, or misuse of the system is prohibited and false reporting would be a violation of school rules, and making a false report to law enforcement is a very serious offense and is a violation of the law as well.