Our History

  • Crescent Harbor Elementary School is located in beautiful Oak Harbor, Washington, the largest incorporated city on Whidbey Island. Oak Harbor is known for the natural beauty of its surrounding area, which includes Deception Pass State Park and is also the hometown for Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The city was named by Dr. Richard Lansdale in 1851, after the Garry Oak trees growing throughout town in the mid 1800’s. He also named the area known as Crescent Harbor after it’s beautiful, half-moon beach. It was an area known for its abundant wildlife and rich farmland.


    William Wallace settled in the Crescent Harbor area through the Donation Land Claim Act which granted acreage to settlers in return for making improvements to the wilderness. William Wallace and his wife Rufinda had the first school at Crescent Harbor built in 1855. It was located on Crescent Harbor Road, about a quarter mile past the water tower. It was used for an assortment of gatherings in the pioneer community as well as for education.

    A second Crescent Harbor School was later built at the James’ Farm, where the Taylor and Silver Lake Roads meet. It closed in 1924-25.

     Information from the books "North Whidbey Pioneer Schools" (1986) by Joan Gilmore and "Spirit of the Island" (2005) by Peggy Christine Darst was used in compiling this history.
     Crescent Harbor School, circa 1912-1914. (Courtesy of Island County Historical Society.)