Personal Devices

  • Oak Harbor High School accepts the appropriate use of all sorts of electronic devices.  Teachers set the expectations for student conduct during class, so classroom teachers will set guidelines for appropriate use of electronic devices in their classrooms.  These guidelines will reflect the principle that class time focuses on maximizing the opportunities for learning.  Students may use cell phones, MP3 players and other devices before school, during their lunch, between classes, and after school.
    Some school-wide guidelines follow:
    • Content, both visual and audio, should be appropriate for school.
    • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.
    • No electronic devices, including cell phones, may be used during assemblies, fire drills, evacuations, bomb threats, or any other emergency drills or emergency situations.
    • Electronic devices confiscated due to inappropriate use may be picked up in the main office at the end of the day by the student‘s parent.
    • Material on electronic devices may be subject to search by administration.
    (See also Oak Harbor School District Board Policy 2022P.)