Emergency Routes

  • Weather & emergency routes

    Snow emergencies and school closures are announced as early as possible through an all-district email message, our hotline number 360.279.5060, radio and television stations, and on our district website homepage. 

    If weather worsens during the day, will schools close? 

    Due to safety concerns, students will not be sent home early when weather emergencies develop during the school day. Students must have a warm and safe way to get home, as well as a warm and safe home to go to. When students are sent home early, the family routine is broken and we cannot be sure the student will be safe at home. Therefore, the best alternative is to keep schools open.

    Can parents decide to keep children home if they are worried about the weather? 

     Regardless of whether school is open, no one will second-guess the decision of parents to keep their children home or pick them up at school early due to weather. Snow or ice conditions can vary greatly on the island. Parents need to make decisions based on their individual needs and concerns.

    See Emergency Bus Routes

    Emergency planning
    Each family should have a plan covering what to do when children arrive home early due to an emergency situation. Where would your child go if he/she needed help? Who would care for your child until you arrive? Is there someone your child could call to allay fears?
    Find out more about being prepared from the American Red Cross.