• As parents, you control your child’s attendance. Every attempt needs to be made to guarantee good school 
    attendance; however, circumstances do arise which necessitate a student occasionally missing school.

    Washington State has a compulsory school attendance law (RCW 2ZA.22S.010). If your child is absent from school for any reason, the parent needs to do the following: 

    • Call the school attendance line by 9:20 at 360.279.5159 (24 hours) to notify office personnel of the absence.
    • Send a dated and signed note with your child within 48 hours when he or she returns to school, explaining the reasons for the absence and the date(s) of the absence. Or, you may e-mail Mrs. Ebersole with the attendance note.
    • Contact the classroom teacher and ask for assignments that need to be made up. 
    • If you anticipate a lengthy absence for medical reasons, please provide the school with a note from your doctor.
    • Please schedule family vacations during regular school vacations so your child doesn’t miss school. 
    Call-Back Procedures

    If a child is absent and the school has not heard from the parent, the school will call the parent or other designated individual. Every attempt will be made to make the calls by 10:15 a.m. The school will only make one call. Please update home, work and emergency phone numbers on a regular basis, so that we may contact you as needed.


    Being on-time to school is not just a good habit, it’s a life-skill!  Parents who work outside the home are expected to arrive to work on time and we expect our students to be in class and ready to learn promptly at 9:20am.  Students who are late (tardy) must report to the office to check in and get a tardy slip to present to the classroom teacher.   In order to keep parents informed about the number of tardies their child is accruing, letters will be sent home after 5, 10, and 15 tardies.