Student Behavior

  • Discipline
    Students are expected to follow school rules. Specific rules will be posted in the lunchroom, walkways, bathrooms, bus line, and classrooms. Teachers will be teaching and reteaching the rules throughout the year. The following consequences have been put in place to maintain a safe and caring learning environment:
    1. Positive Consequences -- praise and Super Cub award announcements
    2. Think Time -- an opportunity to think on how to improve behavior
    3. Lunch or After-School Detention
    4. Referral to Principal
    Violent behaviors such as fighting, injury to others, and/or intimidation will result in an immediate referral to the principal. Defiance, possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons, and sexual harassment are also considered a serious infraction and will result in an immediate referral to the principal. Possible suspension/expulsion from school could be the result of any serious infraction.  
    You can find more information about discipline and school expectations with regard to sexual harassment, threats, harassment, intimidation, bullying, and violence in our Student-Parent Handbook.

    Working Together
    In order for all children to be successful in school, we need continual and effective home-school communications. Please go over this plan with your child and discuss with him/her your expectations. It is our hope that by having clear and consistent expectations and by building positive relationships with students, lunch and after school detentions will be minimal. 
    Crescent Harbor Elementary School is a Weapon's Free Zone.