• Children will share and/or take turns with all playground equipment.Friends at the bike rack
    Playground Rules and Procedures
    1. When going to or playing on the playground, always walk on the sidewalks.
    2. Show respect for others and follow instructions given by supervisors.  
    3. Stay out of classrooms and bathrooms unless you have permission or a pass.
    4. Use only assigned restrooms in the back building.
    5. Refrain from eating or chewing gum.
    6. Stay off trees, planters, railings, drain pipes, and poles.
    7. Leave rocks, bark, sticks and other dangerous objects alone.  Other than balls, there should be no throwing of objects of any kind.
    8. Real or pretend fighting and rough play are not allowed.
    9. Use equipment safely, sensibly and appropriately.  Do not bring toys, cell phones, balls or other equipment from home.
    10. No ball playing is allowed on the blacktop area east of the building (near the swings).
    11. Balls are NOT to be kicked on the blacktop.  Footballs and soccer balls are to be played with in the play fields.  Rubber balls are for hand use only.  Basketballs are for use in the basketball court area only.  
    12. On the slide/bridge equipment, slide down; it’s one-way only.  Playing tag is not allowed on this equipment.
    13. Follow game rules (tetherball, 4-square, basketball, etc.).
    14. Bring equipment to the ball box at the end of your recess.  Don’t forget to pick up coats etc. when you come in.
    15. Stop what you are doing immediately when the whistle blows and go to your line.
    16. Show pride in your school and neighborhood by keeping the building and grounds litter-free.
    17. Voice Level in line is to be 0-1.
    18. Visitor stickers are required for all non-school staff while they are on the playground.


    General Rules for Playground Games

    Basketball Rules

    Kick Ball Rules

    Wall Ball Rules

    Swing Rules

    Kick Back Rules

    Climbing Wall Rules
    Please consult the Student-Parent Handbook for additional playground and equipment rules.