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    Dear Families and Students,
    NJROTC is a citizenship and leadership program designed to encourage and help students to become informed and involved citizens of the United States.  The program also provides students with the guidance and daily opportunities necessary to develop their leadership abilities.  There is no military obligation incurred by students who participate in NJROTC.  Rather, we strive to instill in students the Navy’s “Core Values” of Honor, Courage and Commitment which will serve them well, not only here at Oak Harbor High School, but throughout their lives.  Through daily classroom activities, extracurricular opportunities, and community service, NJROTC strives to develop in students the values of self-discipline, attention-to-detail, teamwork, integrity, and pride in themselves and the NJROTC program, which will help them to recognize and reach their potential.
    Chief Bill Thiel
    AMHC(AW), USN (Ret)


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Chief Bill Thiel


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