Mr. Jeffrey Meek

  • Hello, New Panthers and Families!


         Welcome to fifth grade! I am excited to teach English Language Arts and Social Studies this year. After four years of substitute teaching all over Whidbey Island, and nearly two years of almost exclusively covering long-term leave replacements here at Oak Harbor Intermediate, I am pleased to finally teach my students in a classroom of my own. We will be working this year towards building a strong and supportive classroom community of active learners, listeners, and friends.

         In English Language Arts, we will be reading several books together as a class, with reading, writing, small group, and discussion activities spread throughout the year. We will cover articles, historical fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and more. Students will keep response journals as we explore these books and answer a set of essential and focusing questions for each unit. Students will also be independently reading books of their choice throughout the year.

         In Social Studies, we are covering American history, from ancient Native American history, to explorers of the Americas, the establishment of the Thirteen Colonies, slavery and indentured servitude, life in colonial America, the Revolutionary War, the early United States government, and more! We will engage in research, discussions, and immersive activities designed to put students in the shoes of the people who lived during these times.

         In addition to our content areas, my partner teacher and I will be teaching lessons on social-emotional skills that will allow your student to participate and thrive in a group environment. We will ask (and answer!) what it means to embody OHI's 3 R's: choosing to be respectful, responsible, and ready.

         This is already shaping up to be a great year. I look forward to providing a stable environment in which your student can be a valued part of our community and discover the endless wonders of learning.



    Mr. Jeffrey A. Meek, Jr.