Hackler, Kendra

  • Welcome to 3rd grade at Olympic View Elementary! I am very excited to get to work with and get to know your student this year. Make sure that you take advantage of the awesome resources we have through the clever page, you can use many of the same resources we use in class for at home practice. PLEASE reach out to me with questions or concerns that you have, communication is key to getting through this unique year!

    This is my fifth year teaching and I can’t wait to learn from your student as I teach them this year!! I am from a small town in central Iowa. My husband and I moved to Oak Harbor in 2017 with our two dogs and I began subbing in the school district shortly after. I fell in love with Olympic View Elementary during my many subbing jobs there and couldn’t be more excited to be teaching as an orca!!

    I graduated from University of Northern Iowa (Hey! Go Cats!) with a bachelors in Elementary Education with a minor in mathematics. I hated math in school and look forward to helping students avoid the same frustrations I had as a student! I’m a big believer that students do best when they have the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our classroom and how much your child is going to grow in 3rd grade!

    ClassDojo will be a huge communication tool for our class so please make sure that you get connected so you can easily communicate with me as well as see some of the daily activities we do! 

  •  Kendra Hackler

    Kendra Hackler
    Third Grade Teacher