• Navy Partnerships
    Naval Hospital Oak Harbor and VAQ-129 have established a partnership program with the high school.  Established goals of the working partnership include:
    • To improve education, health, fitness, and citizenship of the students and staff.
    • To increase moral and build self-esteem of the military member.
    • To increase the number of young people better qualified to be more productive members of society.
    • To promote student achievement and encourage students to remain in school.
    Sailors provide volunteer hours and assist in a host of activities, which include assistance at sporting events, tutoring, school dances, senior presentations and the graduation ceremony.

    Chamber of Commerce
    Chamber of Commerce members and Oak Harbor School District personnel created a committee which strives to establish and maintain collaborative projects between the schools and the Oak Harbor community.  For more information, please contact the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce at 360.675.3755 or Christy Kellison, Oak Harbor High School Career Counselor, at 360.279.5710.

    Joint projects include:
    1. Career Panels (Monthly):  
          •    Committee selects careers to highlight for the school year based on a student interest survey
          •    Chamber members are invited to participate in a panel discussion with interested students
    2. Job Shadow (All year):  
          •    Chamber members provide job shadowing experiences for students
    3. Junior Achievement (All year):  
          •    Junior Achievement is a nationally recognized Economics Program for grades K-12
          •    Business members from the community teach the Junior Achievement programs in classrooms
    4. Welcome Back Baskets for New Teachers (Sept):  
          •    The Chamber assembles the welcome baskets and delivers them to the new teachers
    5. Teachers Appreciation Week Recognition (May):
          •    Chamber members provide discounts to teachers and other school district personnel during the month of May