Mrs. Sue Abrahamse

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    Dear Families,
    I am very excited to join the Crescent Harbor Elementary team this year.  I have lived in Oak Harbor for 48 years.  For the last four years I have taught for the Oak Harbor School District .  I have taught Kindergarten, first, second, third and Title Programs.  My goal is always to team with my families to form a solid foundation for each student.  I believe in encouraging every student to see themselves as strong learners and leaders.  In my classroom we have flexible seating which allows students to pick from a variety of seating styles to do their work.  We also work using lots of partner work, group work, gestures and hands on activities.  My goal is to make school a place your child loves to come to!


    Mrs. Abrahamse




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    Mrs. Sue Abrahamse

    Second-Grade Teacher
    Office Hours
    8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
    Bachelor of Arts,
    Western Washington University
    Early Childhood