Ms. Shanna Lundstrom

  • About Your Teacher:
    Teaching is a second career for me as I worked as a therapist in physical therapy for twenty years before moving to the classroom. My degrees include Biology, Physical Therapy, and a masters in Secondary Education. I am a National Board certified teacher. My years in education have given me the opportunity to teach every class offered at North Whidbey Middle School. I enjoy training my dog, backpacking, cycling, skiing, reading, cooking, gardening, and music. I am confident that I can find some common interest with each one of my students. I look forward to getting to know them well.

    What is Science? Science is the study and investigation of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. Science is also a great subject in which to apply math skills, writing skills, non-fiction reading, and good old wondering about the world around us.

    Within our science classroom, and within North Whidbey Middle School, we respect ourselves, we respect each other, and we respect our classroom with all it contains. WE WORK HARD TOGETHER EVERY DAY! We make no excuses; our effort is reflected in what we learn and how we perform.


    Mrs. Lundstrom

    • 8th Grade Physical Science:  The course is aligned with the Washington State & Next Generation Science Standards. This course introduces students to beginning chemistry and beginning physics. Students will develop inquiry skills through investigations of topics in chemical and physical systems. There will be links to mathematics (data collection and analysis), English (communication of experimental results), and technology (data collection and analysis).

    Supplies each student needs:

    * a designated science section in a 3-ring binder OR a 1.5 inch 3-ring science only binder 
    * paper 
    * pen or pencil 
    * pencil sharpener 
    * colored pencils (Twistables are best – no sharpening needed, last 3-4 years!) 
    *earbuds (Optional but strongly encouraged)




  • Ms. L  
    8th Grade Science
    Office Hours 
    After school daily (hours posted in classroom weekly)
    Bachelor of Science in Biology, Colorado State University
    Associates in Applied Science Physical Therapy, Colby Community College
    Masters in Secondary Education, University of Phoenix
    National Board Certification in Adolescent Science
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