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    Dear Students and Families,

    I have been teaching at Oak Harbor High School since 2020 and I am very excited to be here. 
    I teach Algebra I, English 9, and Production Lab.  In my math classes, I rarely give homework, unless a student is absent and needs to make up work.  I like students to turn in their work at the end of the period.  This allows me to plan for the next day, I may need to reteach a concept or maybe I can move on.  I do have a 100% redo policy on all quizzes and worksheets.  In production lab we work on IEP goals, this is also time he or she may receive any help needed in the core classes. Students will succeed in production lab through completion of their daily self-scoring sheets; earning points through daily productivity, filling out their planner, weekly grade checks/plans, periodical assessments and other various assignments.  

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Ms. Rhodes


    Production Lab

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Rebecca Rhodes


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