• Report Cards 

    Parents can expect to see report cards the week after the end of the quarter/trimester.  Report cards are posted on the student's Skyward account unless parents request a printed copy.


    Student assessments fall into three categories; those adopted by the school district, those required by the Office of the Superintendent of Washington and those required by the federal government. Below you will find a brief overview of those used in Oak Harbor schools, as well as links to additional resources.
    Students in grades K-4 participate in several district and state assessments throughout their elementary career. 
    The information derived from these assessments:
    1. Assists teachers in designing lessons/activities to meet individual student needs
    2. Provides feedback to students and parents; highlight areas of strength and areas needing improvement
    3. Provides a snapshot of how Olympic View Elementary students are progressing
    4. Provides a snapshot of how Olympic View Elementary students are progressing compared to other students in Washington State and /or across the nation
    District Assessments
      • The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) is a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy from kindergarten through sixth grade. They are brief (one minute) fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of early reading and early literacy skills.
    • i-Ready Reading and Math (Grades 1-4)
        • i-Ready Assessments are computer-based and adaptive, providing valid, reliable and actionable data in a brief testing time.
        • Students are provided with personalized computer instruction guided by the results of the assessments.
    State Assessments 
    • OSPI Developed Assessments (CBA)
      • District required assessments at the elementary, middle, and high school levels that ensure students learn state standards in social studies, the arts, and health and fitness.
    National Assessments
    • National Assessment of Educational Progress (Grade 4, Olympic View Elementary only)
      • The NAEP is the nation's largest continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas.  This year, one of the district's elementary schools was randomly selected to participate. 
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment (Grades 3-4)
      • The required Washington state end-of-year assessments that measure student achievement and growth in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. 
      • Math and Reading -- Grades 3 & 4 
      • Writing (2 days) -- Grade 4
    Parent Information
    District and school-level results on statewide tests are available online at the OSPI Washington State Report Card website.
    Parents may choose to not have their child take a particular test (commonly referred to as "opting out" but designated by the state as "refusal to test").  In order to comply with state and federal mandates to test every child, the district must document each refusal.  Parents who choose to not have their child take a particular test need to contact Peter Szalai, Director of Teaching and Learning ( or 360.279.5011) to access a brief and online refusal to test form.

More Information on Assessments

  • Multiple measures of student progress are needed to know how students are doing and to target instruction to best meet their needs.  Each day, our teachers use informal (sometimes called “formative”) assessments to find out where students are and to make changes in their plans and activities for the next day.  We also use overall (sometimes called “summative”) assessments to measure student learning for a unit, a course, or content area.  Some of these overall assessments include annual statewide tests.

    In Washington State, students are regularly tested to measure their progress as they move through school. In high school, they must pass specific exit exams or state-approved alternatives to be eligible to earn a certificate of academic achievement/high school diploma.

    In our schools, the Teaching and Learning Department uses a variety of measures to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our educational programs. This is accomplished by developing the tools and maintaining data needed by district staff and the public. Individual student data is shared with parents, class data with teachers, school data with principals, and district data with the school board and the public to help make informed decisions. 

    District and school-level results on statewide tests are available online at the OSPI Washington State Report Card website.

    This notice is made in compliance with the current Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESSA), to advise school district patrons of the availability of information related to student progress, staffing information, and expenditures.  The data for the annual report is collected by the State and can be viewed by visiting the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website at If you do not have internet access, contact your child's school office and a hard copy can be provided.

    OSPI Washington State Report Card

    The disrict also provides parents the opportunity to request their student's teacher and para qualifications. Please review these letters to request this information.

    English - Request for Teacher QualificationsSpanish - Solicitud de titulación docente  |  Tagalog - Kahilingan para sa Kwalipiksayuon ng Guro
    Understanding Student Scores on Washington State Exams (Smarter Balanced Assessments)
    Ready Washington has tools for families to help with the common cored standards.