About Our Schools

There are eight schools in Oak Harbor, plus a program for alternative learners and a cooperative service for home schoolers. Most of the older schools have been renovated since 1997 to offer modern libraries and services. There are 1,900 networked computers throughout the district, offering a ratio of one computer for every five students.

The boundary map will show which school is designated for any area in the district.

Access to school libraries.

Oak Harbor High School
North Whidbey Middle School
Oak Harbor Middle School
Broad View Elementary School
Crescent Harbor Elementary School
Hillcrest Elementary School
Oak Harbor Elementary School
Olympic View Elementary School

Hand-In-Hand Early Learning Center a joint effort between Skagit Valley Head Start and Oak Harbor Schools, providing preschool services for economically disadvantaged families and students with special needs.

Midway High School is home for about 100 alternative learners in grades 9-12, most of whom also take classes at the high school.

HomeConnection offers home schoolers the resources of the school district, including computers, programs, classrooms, and teaching advisors.